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Meet Our Team

Joshua D. Katyl

Josh was born and raised in Dallas, PA and is a third-generation small business owner here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh, with a concentration in Finance and Economics.

Josh purchased the agency from Bill McLaughlin in 2013. Prior to opening the agency, Josh was a sales representative for Paychex, specializing in Payroll administration, Workers Comp Insurance and HR administration. He also was the sales manager for the SWB Yankees.

Meet Josh

“My family has always been focused on helping out the community.  That is what drew me to insurance, I have the ability to help each and every person I come into contact with. My family’s successes afford me the opportunity to volunteer my time and donate money to many of the worthy causes based locally in Northeast, PA.

“After having kids of my own, my focus has shifted to teaching them how to be pillars in their community and help those that are less fortunate.  I will know I have succeeded as a father when they understand that it feels better to give someone something than it does to receive something from someone.

“As my kids get older, you will find me and my wife Liz at the pool or enjoying any type of sporting activities with the kids (soccer, baseball, golf, etc.). I have been a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan since I was a child. While working for the Yankees, the Red Sox won the world series, and I used to tell people I had something to do with it by being their inside man!

Community Involvement:

“My wife and I volunteer for various charities, and I am on the board of directors for a few local non-profits

– Greater Wilkes-Barre Association for the Blind

– Step-By-Step

– North Branch Land Trust

Stella Shotwell

Stella grew up in Mountaintop, PA. Upon graduation she furthered her education in the insurance field and became licensed in 1991. In 1996, she completed classes for General Insurance and in 2008 received Certified Insurance Service Representative Designation.

Meet Stella

“One of the things I take great interest in is getting to know my customer – speaking with them and knowing what they need and addressing that need. At the end of the day it makes me feel good about myself knowing I was able to help and that I got to know another person in this great big world we live in. I am very excited to offer protection and value to the client with my knowledge and experience in the insurance field.

“In my free time, I enjoy spending time my family and can’t stop talking about my grandchildren and my children’s accomplishments. When I am not at the office you can find me on my front porch with my husband and during the weekends, we like taking drives to local casinos for some R&R and getting something good to eat.

Community Involvement:

I haven’t really been involved in a lot of non-profits for a while but in the past I enjoyed being a local president and member of the Business and Professional Women’s Association.

Adam Ruderman

Edward J. Collins

I currently live in Dickson City and graduated from Mid-Valley School District. Then attended Penn State Worthington-Scranton in Dunmore, PA.

I have been in the insurance industry for almost two years. I started out with one of those “A few minutes could save you a few dollars” companies and that’s really all we were allowed to do. When I left, and came over to The Katyl Agency, I could tell I was in the right place. It is a company that actually cares about its customers and makes sure to dedicate a lot of time to educating and advising, rather than just selling.

I really enjoy making a personal connection with people getting to know them and their families and helping them protect all they have worked for. I used to work in sales for a large bank in a call center. It was very impersonal and my sole job was to sell. Here at The Katyl Agency I get to be myself and make sure that I am doing what is right for the customer by finding out their needs and future goals, not just but looking at their profile.

Meet Edward

The thing I enjoy most is my family. My 5 year old son is the reason I get up in the morning. Besides that I am a jack of all trades and master of some! (At least that’s what I keep telling myself). I am very big into music, concerts, art, movies, sports (anything Pittsburgh), science, hiking, etc. You name it and I probably have at least heard of it and if not I would like to learn about it!

My favorite way to spend a weekend is the same way I spend every weekend. WITH FAMILY! Nothing will ever beat Saturday morning cartoons with my son, playing at the park, and just spending time with family.

Some things that customers might not know about me is that I love to play guitar and paint in my spare time.

Community Involvement:

We do a lot of work with the local community and charities all over NEPA here at the Katyl Agency

Frank Floccari

I love my job because I can really make a difference in people’s lives. Helping people makes me feel good.

Meet Frank: 

I grew up in Staten Island, NY and moved to NEPA in 2005 to start our family. We love it here and have made it our home. My family is my whole world,  being a good Dad and husband are what drive me.

If I am not spending time with my family, I am in the garage working on my cars. I love to paint, pinstriping old cars or motorcycles in particular. If it will sit still I will paint it.

Community Involvement: 

Meals on Wheels is dear to me. When I was 6 or 7 my Grandmother was a volunteer and she would take me with her. I got to meet a lot interesting people.