Supplemental Insurance

You may have never heard of supplemental insurance, but it is important. The coverage works in conjunction with your existing insurance policies. It is not a stand-alone policy and it does not replace primary health coverage. But it is highly recommended for people who need help with medical bills after their primary health insurance has paid its part.

What Is It?

Supplemental insurance coverage spans the gap between what traditional policies do and do not pay. Health insurance only covers so much, so you may not have adequate coverage for all of your healthcare needs. You could also experience lost wages as a result of an injury or illness, and not be able to get the insurance help you need.

Supplemental plans fill the gaps and offer specific types of care. You could get help with eye care, cancer treatments, and more.

Should You Consider It?

In most cases, people with this coverage are prone to the specific conditions they cover. Think of family history and health problems you may have experienced in the past. Most insurance companies charge higher premiums for this coverage than for general policies. Keeping that in mind, think seriously about whether or not you need this coverage. If you do, then consider how much additional coverage you think you will need.

There is a lot that goes into determining just how much and what type of supplemental policy would be best for you and your family. To make sure you have all the bases covered, speak with one of our experts for more information.